2022 Super Bowl Commercials: Cast Iron Favorites

Blog / 02.17.2022

It was a close battle on the field between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals, but the Rams sealed the deal with a touchdown pass with 1:25 left on the clock to give LA the win. As a record breaking 112 million fans watched on, many took their bathroom breaks during the game to not miss the highly-anticipated, always-attention-grabbing Super Bowl commercials. Between floating QR codes and an overflow of famous faces, 2022’s ads packed a punch. But who took the W? The Cast Iron Media team breaks down their favorites.

Phil Ottaviano
Top Pick: Chevrolet Sopranos
Why? Sopranos is my favorite show of all time!

Jeff Reuben
Top Pick: Coinbase QR Code
Why? It was very smart to not include any words, and keep viewers wondering to the point where they were curious enough to open the code (and crash the app).

Tim Stich
Top Pick: Don’t Miss Out on Crypto Larry David FTX
Why? I am a big Larry David fan and enjoy his sense of humor, so it was extremely funny to me. That's typically my main barometer for Super Bowl ads.

Michelle Madar
Top Pick: Robo Dog All-Electric Kia
Why? I thought it was super cute and stood out from the many other electric car commercials during the game, and in general. Kia did a great job at appealing to emotions using the dog, but also incorporating the electric component too.

Matt Stamatis
Top Pick: Push It Flamin’ Hot Doritos
Why? It was very funny, and cute!

Todd Rosenbluth
Top Pick: Amazon’s Mind Reader
Why? It was totally relatable and got some good laughs across the room.

Jordan Deane
Top Pick: Rocket Mortgage Barbie Dream House
Why? My better half is a real estate agent in this current housing market.

Matt Saccol
Top Pick: Liquid Death Kids Hydrating
Why? It was on brand for Liquid Death, even as ridiculous as it was. The concept was just great.

Dianna Delaney
Top Pick: Toyota McKeever Brothers Paralympics
Why? It was inspiring!

Robert Bianchine
Top Pick: Pringles Stuck
Why? It was the funniest ad in my opinion.


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