Live Games. Local Viewers. Loyal Fans.

National Footprint Targeting Local Fans

Marketing to local and regional clients, we present live inventory to fans who watch MLB, NBA and NHL games on Connected TV.


Exclusive, brand safe, fraud-free content engaging sports fans on Connected TV

Targeted Efficiency

100% viewable video averaging 95% completion rates. Measured and verifiable. Offered by DMA.

Easy to Find

SportStream Live is application agnostic and is compatible with all streaming devices.

Massive Scale

5,000+ games annually in every major US market.

Premier Inventory

Inventory is not available through exchanges, trade desks or any other in-market seller.

Easy to Buy

Spots are displayed just as if they are on linear television, offering :15, :30 or :60s.

Compelling Audience

Young, affluent, tech savvy audience who are paying subscriptions for access to our games.

Live Sports Is King

Sports continues to be one of the very few entertainment options that is watched live by the majority of the audiences, and is a common denominator anchoring a fractured media environment of unlimited choices.

Most Watched Sports App on CTV
3rd Most Watched Sports App on CTV
4th Most Watched Sports App on CTV

Home Team Fans are Not the Only Fans in the Market

30%-to-60% percent of all sports viewers are watching games of teams outside their cities: Cubs fans who live in LA, Lakers lovers in New York, Bruins enthusiasts in Chicago; all across the country, fans have the chance to watch their favorite team even if they live in different states. 

That’s half any given market watching other games outside of the home team.

National Reach

Fans can now watch their favorite teams and players no matter the market.

Home Market Fans

More than half of all fans watch/root for teams & players outside the market they live.

An Underserved Audience

The combined fan base for all out of market teams is as big or bigger than for home teams.

Complement live games with targeted premium sports and audience based OTT opportunities


Access to over 100+ premium channels.


Demo and intender targeting.


A foothold in virtually every sport.

Branded Content

Originally produced custom content.

Connected TV Supported Devices