The Foundry


Cutting-Edge Technology for Live Game Engagement on OTT

Our proprietary and patent-pending technology revolutionizes media management for advertisers. Seamlessly blending automation and personalized service, it strategically positions ads within live sports content on OTT platforms.

Operation Efficiency

Built by Media Experts for OTT Advertising

Our features enhance campaign management through efficient high-volume order processing, seamless compatibility across digital and linear buying platforms, and comprehensive invoice solutions.

Programmatic Reimagined

Direct Access to Real-Time Live Game Inventory

We utilize our partnerships for real-time live game inventory to enhance your media buying decisions and optimize traffic. Prioritizing risk aversion, we protect your investment against fraud and ensure precise delivery.

Risk Mitigation

Crafted to Eliminate Common Errors in the Media Buying Process

Our comprehensive suite of tools are built to prevent costly errors in media buying process from planning to trafficking and invoicing. With Pixilate's MRC Accreditation, our live game scheduler maximizes exposure across leagues, content owners, and apps.

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