Captivating the Thriving Audience of Women's Sports: Unlocking Advertising Opportunities for Success


The surging popularity of women's sports has taken the world by storm, offering a wealth of opportunities for advertisers to connect with a rapidly expanding and engaged fan base. From the captivating Women's World Cup to exhilarating tournaments and leagues, women's sports have become a hotbed of talent, fierce competition, and inspiring narratives. Let’s explore the burgeoning audience of women's sports and investigate the implications it holds for advertisers, highlighting the immense potential in leveraging Connected TV (CTV) and the flourishing in-venue growth. It’s a great time for advertisers to seize the moment and elevate their brand with the power of women's sports.

The Rise of Women's Sports

Women's sports have witnessed a remarkable evolution, gaining recognition, support, and a growing fan base. Athletes like Megan Rapinoe, Marta Vieira da Silva, and Sam Kerr have not only demonstrated exceptional skills but have also become influential figures in the movement for gender equality in sports. The Women's World Cup, in particular, has emerged as a global sporting phenomenon, captivating fans of all ages and backgrounds and drawing attention to the immense talent and competitive spirit of female athletes.

Unleashing the Power of Connected TV

Connected TV has revolutionized the way people consume sports content, offering a personalized and convenient viewing experience. CTV platforms, such as smart TVs and streaming devices, have played a significant role in expanding the reach and accessibility of women's sports. Fans now have the freedom to stream games, matches, and tournaments on-demand, breaking away from traditional broadcasting schedules.

Implications for Advertisers

The growing audience for women's sports, driven by CTV consumption, presents lucrative opportunities for advertisers to connect with consumers. Here are some key considerations for advertisers:

  1. Enhanced Reach: Women's sports have a diverse and expanding audience base, attracting viewers of all ages and genders. Advertisers can leverage the popularity of women's sports to extend their brand's reach and engage with new market segments.

  2. Authentic Brand Alignment: Women's sports embody empowerment, determination, and the pursuit of excellence. By aligning their brands with women's sports, advertisers can convey messages of inclusivity, equality, and social progress. This authentic brand alignment resonates strongly with socially conscious consumers, fostering brand loyalty and affinity.

Diverse and Engaged Viewership

One of the key advantages of women's sports on CTV is the diversity of the audience it attracts. Women's sports have a broad appeal, capturing the attention of not only female fans but also male fans who appreciate the skill, talent, and inspiring narratives of female athletes. Advertisers can tap into this diverse viewership to target specific demographics, including women, families, and younger generations, who are increasingly passionate about gender equality and social justice issues.

In-Venue Growth: Igniting the Live Experience

While CTV has opened new avenues for women's sports consumption, the in-venue experience remains a crucial aspect of the Women's World Cup's success.

Implications for Advertisers

  1. Sponsorship and Activations: Advertisers can seize opportunities for sponsorship and activations during the Women's World Cup. From stadium branding and signage to engaging fan experiences, brands can enhance visibility and create memorable moments that resonate with fans attending matches.

  2. Influencer Marketing: The Women's World Cup presents an ideal platform for advertisers to collaborate with influential athletes and ambassadors. By partnering with key players, brands can tap into their star power, authenticity, and connection with fans to amplify their message and extend their reach

  3. Fan Engagement: Advertisers can leverage the electrifying atmosphere of live events to engage with passionate fans. By creating interactive fan experiences, hosting competitions, or offering exclusive content, brands can build meaningful connections and leave a lasting impression.

Leveraging the buzz of the 2023 World Cup

The upcoming Women's World Cup is poised to be a major milestone for women's sports and an exceptional opportunity for advertisers. As one of the most prestigious global sporting events, the Women's World Cup brings together passionate fans from around the world, creating a global conversation and a shared sense of excitement. Advertisers can capitalize on this anticipation by aligning their campaigns with the tournament, utilizing the widespread coverage and intense public interest to maximize brand visibility and connect with viewers on a profound level.


The growing audience for women's sports signifies a dynamic and promising market for advertisers. With the increasing accessibility of women's sports through CTV platforms and the flourishing in-venue experiences, advertisers have a unique opportunity to connect with diverse and engaged audiences. By embracing the power of women's sports and aligning their brands with its values, advertisers can build meaningful connections, drive positive social impact, and achieve long-term success in this evolving landscape.

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