Cast Iron Media Celebrates One Year

Twelve months ago today, our newly formed organization pushed send on a 550 word proclamation… announcing Cast Iron as a premier sports media and marketing solutions company to be reckoned with.

The past twelve months have proven why we were so confident last year, as our team has risen to every occasion and produced results that companies many years our senior would have been proud to have achieved.

We’ve done this by collaboration with leagues, teams and rights holders, gaining a footing in an expanding sector of the sports industry with the highly sought after Connected TV and in-venue assets that we represent.

To date, we’ve primarily targeted local linear and digital media buyers, on the CTV side, as we offer a unique, yet complementary asset to the Regional Sports Networks by bundling and selling out-of-market, live game inventory. Additionally we package in-venue assets across teams, leagues and markets for brands who want to be in front of the most loyal and invested fans.

Our ability to provide our clients with solutions that include CTV ad inventory, branded content, dynamic ads, TV-visible signage, in-venue activations, social media influencer campaigns, and a slew of other assets is unparalleled and a major point of pride for our team.

Speaking of whom, none of Cast Iron Media’s success would be possible without the buy-in of a very talented group of teammates who joined us from the likes of Fox, NBC, WWE and MSG. Their relationships and media acumen has led to significant business with a who’s who of agency partners that includes Deutsch, GroupM, Havas Media, Hearts & Science, OMD Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi and UM Worldwide. These clients have worked with us to deliver inventory to brands that include Amazon, BetMGM, Doordash, DraftKings, Ford, McDonald’s, Nissan, PNC and Tiffany & Co., all of whom want to connect with sports fans.

We’re proud of what we’ve done but we’re even more excited about what we’re doing in 2022!

Contributed by

Trent Staley, President

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