The Rise of Women's Sports: A Prime Opportunity for Brand Marketing


Women's sports have been gaining momentum and recognition at an unprecedented rate, making them a fertile space for brands to market, especially on local streaming platforms. In the past six months alone, the growth of women's sports has been remarkable, with leagues like the WNBA experiencing increased viewership and engagement. The league's 36 million total unique viewers across all national networks in 2023 was the highest figure since 2008 and a 27% increase from the previous year (Fast Company, 2024). The recent WNBA Draft showcased a depth of talent and star power, headlined by national sensation Caitlin Clark. With women's sports expanding into new markets and capturing the hearts of fans across the globe, brands have a unique opportunity to align themselves with this movement and connect with new audiences.

Key Highlights

Growth in Women's Sports

Over the past six months, women's sports have seen significant growth across multiple fronts. This surge in interest extends beyond basketball, with other women's sports also experiencing increased visibility and support. From soccer to softball to tennis, female athletes are making their mark and captivating audiences with their skill and athleticism. While specific data may vary by sport, recent reports indicate a notable overall increase in viewership and engagement - approximately 30% -  across various women's sports, suggesting a collective upward trend in interest and support for female athletes (Forbes, 2023).

Expansion of WNBA Markets

The WNBA's reach extends far beyond the basketball court, with teams representing diverse markets across the United States. From New York to Los Angeles to Atlanta, the league spans across major cities and regions, providing brands with ample opportunities to connect with local audiences. This geographic diversity allows brands to tailor their marketing efforts to specific markets, tapping into the unique interests and preferences of fans in each location. Whether it's sponsoring a local team or partnering with individual athletes, brands have the flexibility to engage with fans on a grassroots level, fostering deeper connections and driving brand loyalty.

Goodwill from Brand Marketing

Brands that market around women's sports not only benefit from increased visibility and engagement but also gain valuable goodwill from consumers. By aligning themselves with the empowerment and inclusivity inherent in women's sports, brands can position themselves as champions of equality and diversity. This positive association can enhance brand perception and resonate with consumers who value socially responsible companies. Furthermore, by investing in women's sports, brands demonstrate their commitment to supporting female athletes and creating opportunities for future generations. This alignment of values can foster strong emotional connections with consumers and drive long-term brand loyalty.


The growth of women's sports presents an exciting opportunity for brands to connect with audiences on local streaming platforms. With the recent surge in interest and the expansion of leagues like the WNBA into new markets, brands have a ripe opportunity to tap into this burgeoning market and elevate their marketing efforts. By aligning themselves with the values of empowerment and inclusivity embodied by women's sports, brands can not only drive business growth but also make a positive impact on society. As women's sports continue to thrive and capture the hearts of fans worldwide, brands that embrace this movement stand to benefit greatly from the goodwill and loyalty of consumers.

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