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Reach passionate fans in Milwaukee watching live games

Hit it out of the park on your next marketing campaign with MLB advertising. MLB is seeing record-high streaming viewership this year, meaning that streaming ads during MLB games are performing better than ever before. Live sports streaming is growing more popular every day so Milwaukee is not a market that should be missed. With cord-cutting only increasing, OTT advertising can do wonders for your brand.

Who do our Streaming Ads Reach?

MLB.TV offers subscribers a chance to see all out-of-market MLB games throughout the season. When you advertise during Brewers games, you only capture baseball fans in Milwaukee who root for the home team. Through our OTT platform, you now have the opportunity to directly target the 30%-60% of baseball fans in Milwaukee who are watching other MLB games outside of the {team name}. With the continuing trend of transplants and growing popularity of sports betting, fantasy sports and fans who root for players instead of teams, this percentage of out-of-market fans continues to grow. Cast Iron Media helps you unlock the entire Milwaukee market of sports fans, not just Brewers fans. This is an untapped and underserved audience that is currently being missed in most marketing campaigns.

Streaming ads in Milwaukee is proven to reach highly engaged audiences and get your brand noticed. One of the greatest advantages of OTT advertising is the ability to hypertarget fans, based on demographics and other factors, so that you can create ads that are relevant and effective. This is a brand-safe, fraud free opportunity to surround premier, exclusive programming, reaching fans at their point of passion.

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise During Brewers Games?

The cost to advertise in Milwaukee around live streaming games is typically sold on a standard CPM basis. There are many variables when it comes to exact pricing. Please contact us so we can provide more specific pricing and build a custom package that works for you.

Brewers OTT Advertising Best Practices

Any good marketer knows that effective ad strategies come from knowing your intended audience, learning about their habits, and convincing them that they want what your brand has. Sounds basic enough, but it’s not always as simple as it seems. Choosing to advertise during live games in Milwaukee likely means that you have a certain type of consumer in mind, but with OTT there’s so much more information you can leverage to deliver impactful ads. You won’t go wrong when you prioritize these values.

Here are a few ideas that are key to running a successful campaign:

  • Take Advantage of Hypertargeting

    With a high amount of potential consumers in the market, it’s impossible to create content that will appeal to that many personalities. Hypertargeting takes a lot of the guesswork out of content creation because you have a good idea of exactly who will be watching your ad. While the different types of people who encounter MLB streaming ads may be innumerable, hypertargeting makes it possible to segment audiences based on demographics, typical consumer behaviors, and preferences.

    You as the advertiser can add context to your content, context that the viewer will relate to and remember. Consider their age, relationship status, hobbies, and pain points. What draws them to baseball, and more specifically to live games? Do they have a favorite player? A connection with Milwaukee? With hypertargeting, you can create original concepts, based on particular interests and characteristics, that will resonate with viewers and enhance your brand’s reputation.

  • Look to the Numbers

    In the way that hypertargeting tells you who is viewing your ad, data tells you how they’re viewing and interacting with your ad. With more comprehensive and in-depth data than traditional TV, OTT gives advertisers access to a collection of valuable information.

    When you advertise during MLB games, you’re granted insight into a variety of performance and viewership data depending on your ad streaming content and other factors. This information can include impressions, video completion rate, geo-location data, what streaming service was used, and more. Interpreting this data is crucial for gauging the success of your campaign and for informing your next one.

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