Cast Iron Media Celebrates Its Three-Year Anniversary

PR Release / 03.05.2024

IRVINGTON, NEW YORK (March 5, 2024) — Cast Iron Media, a tech-driven sports media and marketing company, is proud to celebrate its three-year anniversary. Founded to enable advertisers to connect with coveted live sports fans, Cast Iron Media provides unparalleled  access to millions of viewers of thousands of live games nationwide, both in-venue and across Connected TV Platforms.  

In the past three years, Cast Iron Media has forged strategic partnerships with leagues and rights-holders, becoming a premier destination for brands seeking to engage sports fans. Since its launch in 2021, Cast Iron Media has expanded beyond its original  New York offices, with regional offices in Los Angeles and Chicago. Additionally, Cast Iron Media was just recognized as a Best Place To Work in 2023 by Sports Business Journal

"To see the incredible growth that our team has driven in three short years is something in which we take tremendous pride," said Kent Heyman, CEO of Cast Iron Media. "With supportive strategic partners and a relentless focus on innovation, we are uniquely positioned to redefine the way brands engage with live sports."

Cast Iron Media’s SportStream Live media buying platform, provides commercial inventory across live MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA games on Connected TV. Seamless integration with league apps and premium publishers, coupled with proprietary technology that enhances campaign efficiency, SportStream Live is a gamechanger in the sports streaming landscape. 

Additionally, Cast Iron Media activates experiential marketing and national brand campaigns in-venue. Cast Iron Media's CrowdConnect Live brings campaigns to life with custom activations, in-venue signage, TV visible signage, smart-screen implementation, and influencer marketing campaigns. 

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About Cast Iron Media

Cast Iron Media is a leading live sports media company, enabling marketers and brands to connect with fans wherever they are. SportStream Live™, our cutting-edge Connected TV media-buying platform, offers advertisers efficient access to live MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA games. CrowdConnect Live™ offers meticulously curated experiential marketing programs and national branding campaigns across the entire spectrum of sports and entertainment.

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