Cast Iron Media Launches "The Foundry"

PR Release / 05.08.2024

IRVINGTON, N.Y., May 8, 2024 – Cast Iron Media, a technology driven sports media and marketing company, proudly presents "The Foundry." This dynamic Live Sports Advertising Platform, powered by proprietary technology, redefines media management for local and national games for connected TV. 

Recognizing the surging demand for live sports content on Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms, Cast Iron Media identified the urgent need for a multi-faceted advertising solution. The result is The Foundry, a first-of-its-kind ad platform, ensuring precise ad delivery within live games, maximizing value for rights holders, and enabling effective access for advertising partners.

"As fan engagement undergoes seismic shifts with the rise of digital streaming, we are committed to developing a comprehensive sports media platform that addresses the disruption," stated Kent Heyman, CEO of Cast Iron Media. "The Foundry is a transformative end-to-end solution, empowering marketers to strategize, track, and optimize their campaigns, ultimately driving revenue for rights holders and advertisers."

Through strategic partnerships with leagues, teams and Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (vMVPD), Cast Iron Media offers commercial inventory across live MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA games on Connected TV. Seamlessly integrating with league apps and premium publishers, The Foundry enhances campaign efficiency and effectiveness.

Purpose-built for today’s streaming live sports environment, The Foundry provides a compelling alternative to programmatic ad buys. Unlike programmatic ad buys, which often rely on automated algorithms, The Foundry enables a unique and effective blend of automation and personalized service, ensuring advertisers can strategically place their ads within live sports content with precise targeting, maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 

Boasting a broad array of capabilities that allow us to collaborate with our partners more strategically - from idea (CRM) to order (OMS) to delivery (ad server) to invoice processing (finance module). The following are some of The Foundry’s key features:

Live Game Scheduler: The Foundry's Live Game Scheduler ensures that ads are placed exclusively during live game content. Advertisers can now be confident that they get what they are paying for. This not only ensures accurate ad execution, but also enables Cast Iron to efficiently manage multiple games simultaneously, preventing revenue leakage and optimizing performance. 

Ad Server: Seamlessly blending automation and personalized service, The Foundry strategically positions ads within live sports content on OTT platforms in a frictionless manner for buyers and sellers. Scalable and reliable, The Foundry is truly a game changer for managing media in the Streaming Live Sports Ecosystem.

For more information about The Foundry and Cast Iron Media's suite of advertising and marketing solutions, please visit

About Cast Iron Media:

Cast Iron Media is a tech-driven, full-service sports media and marketing company that enables marketers and brands to engage with live sports. Through established partnerships with leagues and rights-holders and a cutting-edge Connected TV media-buying platform, Cast Iron Media offers commercial inventory for live MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA games. Additionally, Cast Iron Media delivers custom in-venue experiential marketing programs and national branding campaigns that span the entire sports and entertainment spectrum. Visit to connect with Cast Iron Media.

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