Blog / 09.07.2022

Tapping into the Passion | Leveraging Fan Loyalty into Brand Affinity

Passion & fandom are concepts that often go hand-in-hand. A passion is something that people are extremely enthusiastic about, while fandom refers to a group of people who share that same enthusiasm.

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Blog / 07.20.2022

Best Practices for an OTT Sports Advertising Strategy

As attention spans shrink and viewing options grow, brands are looking for new and creative solutions to stay in front of customers and potential customers alike.

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Blog / 06.01.2022

The Impact of the Changing Dynamics of Fandom on Advertisers

With the rise of online content and streaming services, sports fandom is changing. Choice is now abundant and fans can watch their favorite teams from anywhere.

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Blog / 02.23.2022

Cast Iron Media Celebrates One Year

Twelve months ago today, our newly formed organization pushed send on a 550 word proclamation… announcing Cast Iron as a premier sports media and marketing solutions company to be reckoned with.

By Trent Staley
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Blog / 02.17.2022

2022 Super Bowl Commercials: Cast Iron Favorites

Between floating QR codes and an overflow of famous faces, 2022’s ads packed a punch. But who took the W? The Cast Iron Media team breaks down their favorites.

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Blog / 12.15.2021

Cast Iron Team's Favorite Sports Moments

Here at Cast Iron Media, we enjoy helping advertisers reach sports fans during live games, because we ARE fans.

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Blog / 10.19.2021

How NIL rights have changed the NCAA landscape

It has almost been a little over four months since the NCAA has altered its stance it long had for collegiate athletes having the ability to make money off their name, image and likeness (NIL).

By Jesse Schaudies
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Blog / 09.15.2021

Then & Now: Navigating the In-Venue Advertising Landscape in Sports

Understanding Sports Through an Advertising Lens

By Jeffrey Reuben
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