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Introducing Cast Iron Media

Today we are proud to introduce Cast Iron Media to the world.  Like most businesses, the Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on our company – even more so for one built around sports and live events – and forced us to rethink how we provide value in the marketplace and solve problems for […]

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Then & Now: Navigating the In-Venue Advertising Landscape in Sports

Understanding Sports Through an Advertising Lens As someone who grew up attending, watching and practically studying sporting events over the years, it’s safe to say – similar to most fans – that my eyes gravitated towards only one aspect early on, which was the live game itself. While this might seem like the norm to […]

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Flexibility. Mobility. Agility.

Flexibility. Mobility. Agility.  These are qualities every company should desire in their partners.  As a former professional baseball player, I used to associate these interconnected terms with optimizing my physical strength, running speed and power.  As an early teenager, I adopted a diligent routine that consisted of functional movement patterns.  This was more than a […]

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